"The First Steps"

Simon sent me the picture above, together with an outline of what he wanted to achieve within the storyline.

I began by looking deeper into 4-dimensional geometry and looking at the potential for a sphere composed of multiple cones (which would also fall into line with General Relativity Theory). The concept is of interlocking cones which contain spiral timelines originating from a singularity at the centre of the sphere and touching at the end of each cone then spiralling inwards back to the singularity in a different cone, then back out in that cone to another cone etc. Using this with a scientific twist to try to explain the potential for multiple existences in space-time, I had been fascinated for a very long time by the "fantasy" that it is possible to exist in multiple universes at the same point in time, and how that can come about. Without wishing to become too "metaphysical" about it, could this be what Zeno of Citium (334-262 B.C.) the founder of the Stoic School of Philosophy was on about? The following is lifted from Wikipedia:

"The Universe, in Zeno's view, is God, a divine reasoning entity, where all the parts belong to the whole. Into this pantheistic system he incorporated the physics of Heraclitus; the Universe contains a divine artisan-fire, which foresees everything, and extending throughout the Universe, must produce everything: Zeno, then, defines nature by saying that it is artistically working fire, which advances by fixed methods to creation. For he maintains that it is the main function of art to create and produce, and that what the hand accomplishes in the productions of the arts we employ, is accomplished much more artistically by nature, that is, as I said, by artistically working fire, which is the master of the other arts. This divine fire, or aether, is the basis for all activity in the Universe, operating on otherwise passive matter, which neither increases nor diminishes itself.

The primary substance in the Universe comes from fire, passes through the stage of air, and then becomes water: the thicker portion becoming earth, and the thinner portion becoming air again, and then rarefying back into fire. Individual souls are part of the same fire as the world-soul of the Universe. Following Heraclitus, Zeno adopted the view that the Universe underwent regular cycles of formation and destruction. The Nature of the Universe is such that it accomplishes what is right and prevents the opposite, and is identified with unconditional Fate, while allowing it the free-will attributed to it."

The above diagram (blue/gray) is a 2D version of a “Light Cone” (cyan image) which I consider corresponds to a summary of the events in the video that I watched. A light cone is the path that a flash of light, emanating from a single event (localized to a single point in space and a single moment in time) and traveling in all directions, would take through space-time. I asked if Simon could remember the 4D Cube (Tesseract) animation I sent to him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:8-cell-simple.gif , where the front face of the cube retracts back into the centre of the tesseract. The transition in the video of the face of the Cube to water-like was a very good way of showing a gradual absorption of the Hero into the cube. Taking this drawing one step further, if the White Circle is actually a Sphere, there are potentially an infinite number of cones that could link into the sphere, in other words, an infinite number of alternative exits. The next image replicates the drawing Simon supplied (at top of page).

Even if the Kunci is a dome, that is a hemisphere, which implies half of infinity for the possible exits (i.e. much much more than 3). Also, there is nothing to say that the Hero's travel cannot be in a tube or via a bridge (look at the wormhole picture). The cones are an envelope in which time and space exist, and contain all the possible futures/pasts, so a simple tube or straight line is valid as well!

A tesseract rotation works by drawing the outer face inwards towards the back of a cube created and linked inside the original cube. The inner cube then rotates to be outside the previous cube so the original state/form is restored. The Tesseract corresponds to the square block in the diagram.

I assumed that (in the game story) the Bigger Kunci (Travel machine?) would enable the additional S Points, and would also assume that in order to have access to the Bigger Kunci either the Hero has to unlock something or find a way to "Build" it. I began thinking about various ways to do this which related to Colour and/or Dark Matter/Dark Energy. Simon had mentioned Wormholes, and the following may help with the issue that if you enter a light cone, any exit has to be in one direction The concept of "Folding Space-time" reminded me of the Guild Navigators in the "Dune" Series by Frank Herbert who folded space to travel across vast distances. Folding implies that the fold can either be reversed or can actually lead to two ways to go from B Point to S Point (i.e. at the start you can only go one way, but there is another way back). see below.

A model of 'folded' space-time illustrates how a wormhole bridge might form with at least two mouths that are connected to a single throat or tube. (Image downloaded from Space.com).